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Where you can hire an Australian Off Road AOR Matrix Pop Top caravan. Phone: 0412510723 for details.

After travelling this country extensively for years, Joanne and I have not even scratched the surface, there are so many places to see and we know the meaning of the ‘outback travel bug’ and how its lure keeps calling you back.

We own and operate Baby Boomers Caravan Hire bbch.com.au and have decided to branch into the off road market.   To accommodate the type of travelling some of our clients undertake, a purpose built van was required, mainly due to corrugations and the dust which invades every nook and cranny.  Roads such as the Oodnadatta Track and Birdsville Developmental Road are tough on any caravan.

So we decided to investigate the best type of van to purchase and  offer to clients;  who want to go a bit further to satisfy their ‘outback travel bug’.  From the outset we knew the perils of the red dust and how it gets into everything so the van had to have a dust proof interior and to cope with the occasional rugged terrain, at times thats just the tar, it was necessary for the undercarriage and exterior of the the van to be robust and up to the task.  It was also important for the van to be able to be ‘off grid’ and fully self contained.  Additionally, and probably one of the most important features was for the travelling body width and wheel track to be as close as possible to that of the tow vehicle,  thus making the van easier to tow and more maneuverable.

Some years ago in our search we found Australian Off Road AOR a camper and caravan builder in Qld, we were impressed;  Australian made and purpose built to handle the Australian terrain.  After following the advances in their product over the years we decided in 2016, AOR was the van of choice for our market, especially when AOR agreed to build a Matrix Pop Top van with twin beds which can be easily converted to a queen double bed.   Plus with the easy addition of the child bunks the van quickly becomes a comfortable family van with a dinette.

So if you are empty nesters, a couple of singles or a two plus two family our AOR Matrix Pop Top, we call ‘Scarlet’ will suit your requirements.

For inquiries call: Joanne and Des  – Quality Off Road – 0412510723

” So many places to see “

AOR Matrix ‘Scarlet’ on site
AOR Matrix on site at Bli Bli Big 4 Qld
Take a ‘Road Trip’ to get away from the office
A Kangaroo on the fly on the Oodnadatta Track
Take a relaxing morning walk on a quiet beach
Visit Old Ruins and wonder who lived there
Do the Oodnadatta Track – back door to the Flinders Ranges
Don’t forget to take the camera to create memories